webcam pic with the moon im dumb


Can I suck your dick?
*Teacher pops out of nowhere*: I don’t know, CAN you??




"This is the police! Open up!"
"Well sometimes I feel like my friends don’t really like me and that sorta-"
"Sir, what are you doing?"
"You told me to open up…"

There’s something very, very wrong with this article.
Why are they discussing how “great of a kid” he was? How he was strange, but never dangerous? How no one saw it coming even though he was obsessed with her for two freaking years.
He brought a knife with him to school that day.
He brought a knife with him that day, knowing good and damn well he would ask her to prom. He knew, when he brought that knife with him, that she would turn him down due to being in a relationship.
You asked a girl in a committed relationship out on a date, and then got angry and “snapped” when she acted on the fact that she was in a committed relationship and said no, instead of miraculously going against it and saying yes to you.
But we all know he didn’t really snap. No, not when he packed the murder weapon on you ahead of time. Not when he cornered her during a low traffic time. Not when he knew she was seeing someone. Not when he knew she’d say no. No, he knew what would happen, but felt so entitled to her and her body that when she dared to say no, he felt justified in taking her life so that no one else could have her.
But the media talks about his model family? How he was strange but funny and happy and a class clown who enjoyed making others laugh? How he was a nice guy? How devastated his family is?
His? The attacker? The murderer? The one who felt so entitled to someone just because he liked her that he felt justified in stabbing her because she dared to tell him no?
What about her? What about her family, who has to live day in and day out with the fact that this boy felt so entitled to their child that he felt entitled to determine whether she lived or died? What about them, who have to move forward without seeing her because some rude, selfish, evil thing couldn’t take the word no and planned to kill her as soon as he heard it? What about them?
You don’t get to stab an innocent girl in the neck and have the media humanize you. I don’t care if you were a little depressed now and then, I don’t care if you have ADD. No one cares that you seemed to be a well adjusted, cheerful kid and that your actions were “so unexpected.” 
You MURDERED someone for refusing your advances.
The media needs to STOP humanizing this evil, dangerous, selfish thing. It’s what’s wrong with the world.